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About Us


Take Me To Minecraft (TmTmc) was setup and designed to provide our friends, family and all the players who love to play Minecraft whether it be "Vanilla", "Modded" or variant of the game.  In our case, it is a combination thereof.

Sherri has been playing this game for almost a year longer than I.  In fact, I resisted the temptation because I couldn't imagine how anyone would want to play a game with such low quality graphics especially since there are some games with amazing graphics. Right? 


Then after days, weeks and months have past listening to all the stories of what she was building in a game at the time called Sheep and Creeper, an 18+ adult only server.  Each night, Sherri would tell me how her day was building this and that and all sorts of crafty projects.  I kept telling myself and her, that's nice or that's cool and all the other phrases you'd say to something built amazingly well and detailed too.

Then comes a time where she's honing her skills and learning more about what the game is capable of and sharing more complex builds she was making.  Finally, I think it all became clear there is value in this game and it isn't just a game.  It is educational, creative and challenging all in one.  A torch lit brightly and then I saw it; a ship on top of the water in the game with several high flying masts and sails.  Complete with a plank, galley and deck with loads of details.  I said you built that?  I had no idea you could do something so detailed with a bunch of square blocks.

I finally gave in, bought the game for myself and started to bring out the creative side to see what I could do.  Now you have to know me, to know I don't usually play games.  I'm too busy with a 1,000 other things in my life to take time out to relax and enjoy the moment.  Well, fast forward almost >5 years later and I'm hosting the game on a server in our home, and have multiple versions of Minecraft Servers running with different worlds in each.  Now we have our children and grandchildren playing on the same servers and we get to play together and keep the communications open.  Since we are many states away from one another, this was a perfect opportunity to do something for our family, together and expand to others too.

So come join us and have some fun with your creative side in our Take Me To Minecraft Worlds!

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