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Some worlds come with a Premium Feature of a Dynamic Map for that world, accessible from a browser to zoom in for a birds eye view.

* Contact the administrators for more details.

TmTmc Survival Instinct World Map (1.13.2)

This is the default world that everyone spawns into when they connect to the server. There are many features, options, jobs (get paid in-game), residence (where you can buy land with in-game money).  We expect that most players will spend the majority of their time in this world.  Access to the other worlds is provided in Spawn (central place where all players go in each world).

TmTmc Parkour Dijour World Map (1.13.2)

This world is where most of the Parkour Games will be built on and we have one currently available called Infinity Parkour by "MeldIron" who created it.  We've installed this to our multiplayer world so that everyone can play.  We are looking for talented Parkour Masters who would like to expand the parkour game choices.  Do let us know if you are up for the challenge!

TmTmc Parkour Paradise World Map (1.12.2)

This is a modded server built on 1.12.2 where there are currently 100 Parkour Levels that our players can play on.  Each one getting progressively harder but ALL are beatable.  Can you make it through all 100 levels?  We are also looking for talented Parkour Masters who would like to expand the parkour levels even further using the same principles.  Do let us know if you are up for the challenge!

TmTmc The PvP World Map (1.13.2)

What Minecraft Server would be complete without being able to battle it out with another player?  We listened to your requests and we now offer a full world where Player Versus Player (PvP) or Entity Versus Player (EvP) are allowed.  This of course means that you STILL need to ask if the player wants to have a battle with you.  All of the TmTmc Servers we strictly forbid "Griefing" in any way.  With this world, the only exception is IF you and the other player(s) have agreed to breaking/taking of any of your opponents blocks or destroying them during game play.  Usually, the only blocks that could be broken/taken are those the enemy has put in front of you to block your attacks.  Primary structures like a castle or wall are not typically damaged by players. 


So before you play, make sure you establish the rules of:

  • Can I break/take anything off of your builds during our challenge?

  • Can I build/place blocks on your land during our challenge?

  • If we are not fighting during a PvP Session, are there any restrictions?

  • Once we finish our battle(s), should I return the blocks I took or help you rebuild?  (Not common, but it means you're playing with "respect" and not just trying to kill one another.)  So helping out is always appreciated so you can quickly reset the game and play again.

TmTmc SkyBlock World Map (1.13.2)

This world brings not one, not two, but a total of 7 worlds that make up the family of SkyBlock.  The primary worlds you will play on are the Acid Island and SkyBlock Island worlds.  From there, each has its own Nether and End Worlds.  The seventh world is the world you'll spawn into which is the hub for the primary two islands you'll play on.

Acid Island - quite a unique and fun game where you are stranded on an island surrounded by water that is acidic.  That means, going into the water is toxic to your health and you can quickly DIE by doing so.  There are enough resources to get you started to survive, but you need to be smart and quick if you plan on living long.

SkyBlock Island - just like the name sounds, you will be put up into the sky on an island and stranded there surrounded by nothing but air.  If you fall off, you will DIE.  There are enough resources to get you started to survive, but you need to be smart and quick if you plan on living long.

TmTmc Vanilla World Map (1.13.2)

This is not a 100% Vanilla world but it will constantly change depending on what features are coming in updated builds.  That means, we do not expect players to go to this world unless they too may be interested in helping identifying and troubleshooting bugs so they can get reported to the developers.  We like to have a stripped down version of the world to get as close to Vanilla as possible so we can eliminate the possibility another plugin might be causing the problems players report.  This helps getting to the RCA (Root Cause Analysis) of the issue quickly so it can be fixed.

TmTmc Pokecube Revival World Map (1.12.2)

Originally made by Manchou, Updated and Heavily modified by Thutmose, This mod adds Pokémon to Minecraft, in a way which is designed to fit the Minecraft environment.


The Pokémobs are Minecraft mob styled, and fight in a real-time combat system, with the ability to dynamically change moves, to use advanced tactics such as terrain advantages, as well as some features which allow them to interact with the world itself.  There are almost 1,000 Pokémobs in this game and the graphics, sounds and characters are simply A M A Z I N G !!

TmTmc Space Expedition EPIC 204 World Map (1.12.2)

This space type world is a huge map that was created by Caplax OathBros and still undergoing expansions to the base map. As new changes are made we test and then add them to this.  Each update builds on to the world but does not break any part of it which makes it a very unique and fun game to play.  There are custom mobs that will stop at nothing to try and kill you, meteors falling from the sky, unique minerals found on this space planet and many hours of game play!

Requesting Access

Access to our servers is restricted and must be approved.  Any attempt to connect to our servers will result in banning you.  This is so we can protect "ALL PLAYERS" from unwanted users trying to access the TmTmc Servers.


To be considered as a player in our worlds, please request access using the Contact page first.