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Come play with us on our server

We don't have a dedicated player vs player server, so if you want some safety from other players and only want to deal with the mobs (monsters) in-game, then our servers will be what you need. This of course means that you STILL need to ask if the player wants to have a battle with you.  All of the TmTmc Servers we strictly forbid "Griefing" in any way.  The only exception is IF you and the other player(s) have agreed to breaking/taking of any of your opponents blocks or destroying them during game play.  Usually, the only blocks that could be broken/taken are those the enemy has put in front of you to block your attacks.  Primary structures like a castle or wall are not typically damaged by players. All parties must contact the server moderators or administrators that you have agreed to a PvP game.  If you do not, you may get kicked off and/or banned from the server for griefing!


So before you play PvP, make sure you establish the rules of:

  • Can I break/take anything off of your builds during our challenge?

  • Can I build/place blocks on your land during our challenge?

  • If we are not fighting during a PvP Session, are there any restrictions?

  • Once we finish our battle(s), should I return the blocks I took or help you rebuild?  (Not common, but it means you're playing with "respect" and not just trying to kill one another.)  So helping out is always appreciated so you can quickly reset the game and play again.

Requesting Access

Access to our servers is restricted and must be approved.  Any attempt to connect to our servers will result in an immediate and permanent ban.  This is so we can protect "ALL PLAYERS" from unwanted users trying to access the TmTmc Servers or using a hacked (stolen) Minecraft Client.


To be considered as a player in our worlds, please request access using the Contact page first.

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