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As new releases of Minecraft come out, so do new blocks, items, tools and cool new features.  This listing not only gives you the block image, description and usage, it shows you how to create, craft and use them together in your builds.

This site provides you with the blocks which can be enchanted and the ID's associated with each enchantment.  The next link below describes the process of enchanting.

One of the big advantages of Minecraft is its ability to extend the scope of usage for a single block.  In a vanilla server (no plugins or mods), you can enchant tools and armor.  This site will tell you what can be enchanted and how.

We have been taught that witches can brew potions and poisons, but that's not 100% true.  Brewing has been around for thousands of years, long before the term "witch" came about.  In the game, you can mix ingredients together like a scientist and then use them on yourself or others.

Minecraft is a game of strategy, creativity and survival which can be played in one of five (5) modes which impact what you do and how you survive.  Each mode gets more difficult and likelihood of you to DIE but we do not consider this the end of the game.  You are always welcome to come right back into the game to try again to survive and not die.

  • Creative Mode: A safe world to play, learn how to use Minecraft and have unlimited supply of all blocks in the game.

  • Survival Mode: Same as Creative, but blocks are not unlimited, you have to earn and craft your blocks.  Don't worry though, if you die in the world, you can come right back in.  There are some consequences when you die.

  • Spectator Mode: This is generally reserved for admins so they can be in the game and monitor the players without interacting and also find hidden treasures all over the world.  Your player becomes "transparent" and can pass through the ground and walls like they are not there.  If not careful, it is possible to DIE in this mode.

  • Adventure Mode: In this mode, a player can interact with objects such as levers and buttons, and can interact with monsters.  This player can only break blocks with tools when the CanDestroy data tag is granted and can only place blocks if the player has the CanPlaceOn data tag. This mode great for adventure type maps.  Again, you can still DIE in this mode, but are able to return again with some consequences.

  • Hardcore: This is very similar to the Survival Mode, but goes beyond that.  Should you die in this mode, the only choices are the map must be deleted, the player gets banned permanently or the player is sent permanently into Spectator Mode. All our worlds (currently) are not set to hardcore mode, so you can die and return back to where you were each time.  Use this mode "only" if you plan to have a world setup temporarily until all players die.

    In order to survive, you need to make tools and other blocks out of resources you come across each day.  There is a method to crafting and fairly simple once you get the hang of it.  There are thousands of items to craft, so it may take a while to remember them all.  This site will help with that so you don't have to memorize anything you do. file

This is the primary file used to startup your world and set some defaults immediately.  Without it, your server would not startup, so it is good to learn how to configure this file properly.  There are very few options, so it should be simple to learn and the game mode from above is also set in this file.

Minecraft UUID Resolver

Many of the plugins in releases of 1.9+ use the new UUID format of a username.  It is a unique identifier Minecraft uses to authorize that player to play in Minecraft worlds.  This identify is DIFFERENT for each media used to play the game and cannot be interchanged. Minecraft for PCs only allow personal computer IDs to play together, just like the Xbox edition is for only Xbox players.

Skin Creator

Everyone gets a default "look" when they join the game.  This tool/website provides you with the option to change exactly how you will appear to other players.


Game Controls

Every program and game uses some combination of the mouse, game controller and keyboard to play with.  Minecraft also provides similar controls and they can be quickly learned by visiting this site.  The standard in-game keys are W, A, S, D, E (Inventory) and Space bar (jump or fly).


Prevent Cheating

There is a fine line between what someone would call cheating and what is called helpful.  As a player in a game, you can use the tools above to help you learn the game more quickly.  This isn't cheating exactly, but using a "command" in the game that gives you items not otherwise found naturally, could be considered cheating.  For example, I could craft a Stick and Coal to make a torch using the crafting/workbench and some wood, planks and coal.  Alternatively, if I cheated I could type in a command and simply create a torch in one step.  That's giving you an unfair advantage over other players and is considered cheating. Not all commands are considered cheating, so you have to check with the Administrator or Moderator of the site you play on to find out their rules.  Every Server could be quite different, so you don't want to get kicked off or even banned from playing there, for any misunderstandings.


Griefing, Grinding & TNT

These are terms used in Minecraft which carry rules and negative consequences doing any.

  • Griefing - is taken seriously and a temporary ban will be placed on any player account caught doing this. Griefing is a term used when player one has created or built something and protected it by paying/renting/leasing the land where the build is on.  Any player caught going onto another players residence without the owners permission and make "ANY" change to the other players residence could constitute griefing.  This could be as innocent as making grass grow, planting a flower or breaking/removing any block on that property.  Even if it looks nice - changes without their permission is not allowed.

  • Grinding - is sometimes specific to a certain size of the mobs.  Tall mobs usually refer to tall hostile mobs, namely skeletons, zombies and creepers or zombie pigmen (two blocks tall). The small mobs are like spiders, chickens, pigs, wolves, sheep, ocelots and cows. (one block tall).  Due to the nature in how each mob work, setting up an automated way to kill these mobs to get their loot can cause serious lag (slowness) of the server are only enabled in special circumstances.  Any new grinder created by the player is not allowed unless pre-approved by admins of the server.

  • TNT - we all know that TNT goes boom when lit.  On Minecraft this is not much different than the real world in the mass destruction it can cause.  In our servers, you must be very careful not to destroy someones build or even your own.  This would be considered griefing if you placed TNT down next to someones home or build and blew up everything they worked hard on to create.  You can and WILL be banned for doing this, so please do not!

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