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Access to our servers is restricted and must be approved.  To be considered as a player or builder in our worlds, send us the following details.

  • PC Minecraft Name (cannot be hacked/stolen license)

  • City, State, Country

  • Age (be honest - we will verify 18+ years or older)

  • Why you want to play on our servers

  • You agree to follow all the rules of each server and will NOT GRIEF any players builds without their permission first.

  • How long have you played Minecraft? (days, weeks, months or years)

  • Email Address - where we can contact you with the server details and any updates we have

  • Adults only on TmTmc-CavesAndCliffs and TmTmc-Colonies Servers. This is for your safety and ours! State which server you would like access to play on.

Please submit any questions, concerns, or general feedback in the space below along with your name and email address.

Success! Message received.

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