Mazes and Challenges

We have built custom mazes to test your skills, memory and navigating your way through many levels underground.  Can you survive what lies in the shadows?  Test your skills and make it to the end some 40 levels underground and then be rewarded.

Many Attractions

As each world is built on by players, there will be a variety of sites to visit.  In our previous versions of Minecraft, we had attractions like Zoo's, Aquariums, Gladiator Rings, Mazes, Underwater Transportation Centers and many Castles of all types and sizes and villages available for players who built homes, lived and traded with villagers.  We'll need some talented builders to help with these sites so everyone can enjoy them.  You up for the challenge?  Let us know!

Multiple Worlds to Explore

Having multiple servers allows our gamer's to connect be creative and take their imagination to all new levels.  Since we have a teaching environment, we'll help you get started and explore your strengths. 

Custom & Community Builds

We often like to challenge ourselves and come up with something new to design, build and show off.  This could be a community, cities, villages and automation of farming, and crafting.  Whatever the request, we'll be right there with you building as well.

We've created all new worlds with this latest update of Minecraft so that all the new features like the new Ocean Depths, Fish, Coral and addition of many new blocks to build with.  These new words are fresh and available to to build on.  Come join us!

Minecraft 1.12 was released in June 7, 2017 and we upgraded our servers and all the plugins we used. In fact, we've added some new ones, to make swimming more realistic, anti-hack minecraft client support to block cheaters!  There were many hidden features just waiting for you to join us!  For more information about the Minecraft 1.12 World of Color release, visit the Mojang site to see what's new and what's been fixed for 1.12.  As with the 1.11 release, a new page was created on the SpigotMC site here to track all updated plugins supporting 1.12.  We've also create a simple one page reference to find ALL the plugins that we've been made aware of and work for 1.12 and earlier.  

Minecraft 1.11.2 was released on December 20th just five days before Christmas.  We all expected this, because on Christmas Day, we all get to see some cute surprises "in-game" for the whole day.  Not only that, but they did fix a lot of bugs since 1.11 released in November.  This update broke quite a few plugins due to updated database drivers, but developers jumped in to update their plugins.  Some needed a little push and others were ahead of the game and knew what was coming.  As a result of everyone's hard work, we were able to test out the new features with all the plugins and upgrade all our servers just in time for Christmas.  Most of the developers were ahead of the curve and turned around updates very quickly for those that broke (and there is always at least one).  As with the 1.11 release, the same page was updated on the SpigotMC site here.

Minecraft 1.11 was released on November 14th. We spent from 11/14-11/21 testing out the new features and all the plugins.  We worked closely with the Spigot & Plugin developers to make sure we tested and publicized all the compatible plugins which work with 1.11.  We posted them here.

Many new features were added in this release including Polar Bears, Husk & Strays, Fossils, Magma Blocks and Enderman in the Nether.

Significant changes were made between 1.8.x and 1.9.  From Chorus Plants, Shulkers, Elytras (wings), tipped arrows, igloos and Frost Walk shoes.


Once the released copy is ready for download, our test server will be upgraded and tested before applying to the live servers.  This ensures we have made sure nothing major is broken which would prevent you from playing the game.  While every care is being taken to ensure this, there may always be a bug that may be in the product.  


We do NOT warranty nor guarantee the state of the game itself as we do not control what gets released. We will however, act on your behalf to test any issues you identify and report them to the appropriate developer for review.  Once the bug is fixed, we will pick a convenient time to patch the server as soon as possible.