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TmTmc World Features

A lot of time and effort goes into researching, installing, testing and getting bugs fixed for what we consider "TmTmc Ready" for our players.  Our servers are built specifically being family-friendly, safe for all ages, grief-free and functional in every aspect as well as being a teaching environment for all new players just starting with Minecraft. 


We want you to have fun, so we've combined over many add-ons (plugins, mods & data packs) to some of our Minecraft servers. These enhancements expand the experiences dramatically and were carefully chosen to get the most out of the game.  The list below just describe some Minecraft features that can be added to Minecraft Servers we have or other sites that too run Minecraft on.  Depending on the world and type of server (Forge, Spigot, Sponge, etc.) some may not be available for all servers as they do not work cross platform.  This is a short list of features you may want to look for when joining a new server.  It enhances the game play significantly and adds more levels of challenges to the game above what Vanilla Minecraft has.

Here are some of those features:

  • Automatic Torch Placing – planning on a night time tour and want to focus on what you see and not where/when to place a torch?  Some server owners allow users to choose when to turn this on/off. Torches come from “your inventory”.  This is a feature of the AutoTorch Plugin.

  • Dead player tombstone laying on ground on death - When player dies, a tombstone may be left for all to see and your inventory is with it.  When you rejoin/spawn into the game, you’ll be given the coordinates of where your death marker (tombstone) is.  No one can loot this tombstone, so when you arrive at it get on top and then press the shift key.  The tombstone disappears and your inventory is restored in FULL.  This is all provided by the Player Graves data pack. 

  • Submarines in Minecraft? – Yes, you read that correctly!  There is now a data pack that lets players ride in a submarine underwater to explore the colorful corals, sea creatures and more.  Some server owners may let you craft them or provide a dock where you can get in one to explore the underwater world!  This is a feature of the Submarine data pack.

  • More additional Mobs per world – some servers may have additional custom mobs who will stop at nothing to kill you.  There are mobs in all biomes and all types including INVISIBLE mobs!  Always be prepared for battle and wearing your armor.  These are features of the Creatures data pack.

  • Rotten Flesh to Leather crafting?  So you have killed a bunch of mobs and now have a ton of flesh and nothing to do with it.  Now you can place the rotten flesh on a crafting table and craft it into usable leather.  This is a feature of the Rotten Flesh To Leather data pack.

  • More Gems to collect and Trade with Villagers? – some worlds may include a set of new gems that can be mined and traded with “Gem Collector Villagers” in select locations on a world.  These specialized villagers only trade with food, hermit heads, lighting décor, ore blocks, plants, vases, stone, soil and gems (Aquamarine, Topaz, Ruby, Amethyst and Sapphire).  These are features of the Treasure Gems and Gem Villagers data packs.

  • Uncrafting a crafted Item, is this possible? YES, if the server includes this data pack, you can uncraft an item that was previously crafted to collect the blocks that make up that item.  There are some restrictions currently which are shown below. These are features of the UnCraft data pack.

  • Does not support damaged and undamaged tools, tipped arrows

  • Does not support planks due to its two crafting methods

  • Does not support pumpkin seeds due to its infinite loophole

  • Cannot return 1 stick used to craft 16 rails

  • Cannot return red mushroom if it is used to craft rabbit stew

  • Cannot return ingredients used to dye beds, leather armors, shulker boxes

  • Cannot return ingredients used to create patterns in banners

  • Cannot return banners used to create pattern in shields

  • Cannot return the exact firework star used to craft firework rockets

  • Cannot return extra ingredients used in firework stars and rockets

  • Multiple ingredients used to craft an item cannot be shown in the recipe book


  • Piranhas Red and Green? What world would be complete if there were no flesh eating piranhas in the water?  There are red and green colored piranhas and you need to be careful.  One of them is docile, the other hostile.  Nope, we’re not telling you which one is which.  This is a feature of the d2g Piranhas data pack.

  • Explosions and Fire Damage Protection - We all know that Creepers, Fires and TNT can cause a lot of damage in Minecraft.  Since we know this already, our servers have the fire spread turned off.  However, explosions from creepers or TNT may not be prevented.  If enabled on a server, the explosion recovery process may take about 45 seconds to start the rebuild process.  This is a feature of the CreeperHeal plugin.

  • Editing a sign has always annoyed many players as you would typically have to break it and create a new one.  Some servers allow you to edit a sign after it has been placed or even allow colored letters too! It is as simple as left-shift and right-clicking the sign.  This is a feature of the EditableSigns plugin.

  • Find and collect Sea Shells and craft them together to make Conduits that can be used to stop the effect of the breath meter from decreasing (to stay underwater longer), gives underwater night vision and increases mining speed. Just break some sand for a 5% chance to get a shell, or via fishing as a treasure item and 3% chance in getting a sea shell from killing a drowned mob.  This is a feature of the SeaShells Plugin.

  • Enchanting a furnace to make it work faster and smarter is also a great feature.  This is a feature of the EnchantableBlocks Plugin.

  • Achievements while in-game – As you play Minecraft in our TmTmc Worlds, there are certain steps and stages that you reach just by breaking, placing or doing things in-game.  These are called achievements and unlock other features that you can take advantage of.  When certain achievements are met, it will also unlock additional recipes that will help you with your crafting skills.  These are basic features of Minecraft and the Achievements Plugin which adds rewards in addition to achievements and getting recipes.

  • Chests, Doors, Gates and more are locked.  As an added extra security feature in some servers, when you place a chest, door, gate and other blocks that allow access, these are locked under your account.  That means no other players can gain entry without you granting them access.  These are features of the ModernEntityLocking Plugins and many other grief protection plugins/mods.

  • Decorations using a heads database of more than 19,000 custom created heads This isn't just player heads, it includes the following categories of heads: Alphabet, Animals, Blocks, Decoration, Food & Drinks, Holiday, Humans, Humanoid, Miscellaneous, Monsters, Plants, heads and Custom Server Heads. Players on some servers can purchase heads from any category from being free to expensive in-game dollars.  Given that players can earn money in many ways, it is well worth it!  This is a feature of the HeadDatabase Plugin.

  • Entity Riding and Teleportation - Found a horse, donkey, mule, pig or llama and want to get it back home quickly? Players with a saddle can mount and ride the entity and if needed, teleport home, spawn or anywhere else.  This helps if it turns into night and you are far from home. Some entities allow you to ride them and control some of their features!  These are features of the HorseTpWithMe and Ridables Plugins.

  • In-Game Employment Opportunities - Jobs in real life help us earn money to survive, so why not have a job in Minecraft and also get paid?  There could be few jobs or many jobs depending on what the server own setup to help pay for many things in-game including daily quests.  Each player can automatically be given one or more Jobs and is may be allowed to join more paying jobs.  Jobs help you earn experience points, level up in a job and get paid (in-game) for nearly everything!  Now how fun is that!  This and Job Quests below are features of the JobsReborn Plugin.

  • Job Quests - everyone loves to go on a quest and discover new things.  A quest in Minecraft is not much different but you can quickly advance in a job, learn how to do something you haven't tried and help make the server a better place to come play on. Special Quests from time-to-time will unlock even more features! For each job where there are quests available, each come with a 20% chance each day to show one being available.  Quests XP (Experience) payouts are a bonus in addition to what the Job already pays out and are completed each day.  A quest cannot be carried forward to the next day. The best part of these Job Quests is once you are in that job, all you need to do is complete the Quest and get rewarded.


  • TreeFarmer: there are 7 quests in this Job.  [add rewards to get golden axe, iron axe, diamond axe with/without enchantments, food]

  • Woodcutter: there are 18 quests in this job. [add rewards to get golden axe, iron axe, diamond axe with/without enchantments, food]

  • Miner: there are 3 quests in this job. [add rewards to get pick axes, with/without enchantments, food]

  • Builder: there are 2 quests in this job. [add rewards to get heads for decoration, carpet, iron bars, food]

  • Farmer: there are 5 quests in this job. [add rewards to get fencing, shovels, hoes and other tools, food]

  • Hunter: there are 2 quests in this job. [add rewards to get potion-tipped arrows, swords with/without enchantments, food]

  • Crafter: there are 2 quests in this job. [add rewards to get anvils, furnaces, crafting table, food]

  • Fisherman: there are 2 quests in this job. [add rewards to get buckets to collect dolphins, fish, turtles, food]

  • Weaponsmith: there are 3 quests in this job. [create quests and add rewards to get swords, arrows, bows, food]

  • Digger: there is 1 quest in this job. [create quests and add rewards to get shovels with/without enchantments, food]


  • Brewer: there are no quests in this job. [create quests and add rewards to get potions and glass bottles, food]

  • Enchanter: there are no quests in this job. [create quests and add rewards to get books and enchanted items, food]

  • Explorer: there are no quests in this job. [create quests and add rewards to get food and chests to store items, food]

  • Transporter: there are no quests in this job. [create quests and add rewards to get shovels, pick axe, axe, food]

  • PlayerVersusPlayer: there are no quests in this job. [create quests and add rewards to get armor, swords, food]

  • Security and Permissions based environments keeping everyone safe and only allowing players to do what they have been granted access to do.  All our servers use a whitelisting process where you CANNOT join unless we know who you are!!  As a server can have underage children and adults sharing the same game, we have specific rules for all players and have 0 (zero) tolerance towards Griefing, swearing, bullying or any other negative behavior. We WILL ban you permanently if you break these rules! If you make any attempt at joining our servers without first asking for permission to do so, you WILL be banned permanently and not allowed to join.  These are features of several programs which will not be revealed here for security reasons.

  • Player Damage with heart beat sounds - Remember the old Jaws movies where the shark comes closer and you hear the heart beating (thump thump, thump thump)?  When players are attacked and take damage, you will hear your heart beating when installed on servers.  The more damage you take, the faster it beats and the more blood like appearance your player will see for that realism effect.  These are features of PulseHealth and TintHealth Plugins.

  • Missing Recipes - There are some items that Minecraft did not provide a recipe for and can vary from server to server. Recipes consists of Name Tags, Horse Armor, Saddle, Leash, Chain Armor, Map, Mushroom Blocks, Cobweb from Strings, Strings from Cobweb, Strings from Wool, Elytra and Levers.  Recipes are accessible from /menu in-game and take you to this page This is a feature of the MissingRecipes Plugin.

  • Economy / Stores and Shops - So you have money now from working multiple jobs and trying to find a place to spend it and buy things?  Many servers support a chest like store where items put inside the chest become sellable to anyone with the proper funds.  Chest stores interact with the Chat UI so it is like talking to a virtual owner.  Money is automatically deducted and the owner gets paid!  Here is an example of a chest with a Sign on it telling the player it is a shop to purchase from.  This is a feature of the QuickShop Plugin.

  • Example: Left Clicking the chest will prompt the player to type in the amount of Oak Planks to purchase in the chat window. Once the amount has been entered and user presses Enter key, the player gets the planks, gets charged for them and the owner of the chest “AdminShop” receives the $6.00. Each chest setup as a shop to sell items from, will cost $10 in-game money and a maximum of 10 chest shops are available to all users.This can be doubled to 20 when players reach VIP levels.Need to change a price on the shop, be prepared to pay $25 for a price change.

  • Realistic Swimming - Minecraft was never really great to show players swimming in a lake or ocean, but with a press of the control (Ctrl) key, you can swim naturally, and really enjoy the underwater experience and not look like you are walking in water.  Just remember to hold your breath as you can’t stay there for too long.  This is a feature of the RealisticSwimming Plugin.

  • Villagers are people too! - We love our villagers and want to protect them at all costs.  That means we do NOT allow KILLING of villagers.  Some servers use additional plugins/mods toprotect them from annoying and hostile mobs/players automatically.  This is a feature of SecurityVillagers Plugin and basic server features.

  • Ultimate Timber – Chop down trees, replant and pick up droppings with one swipe of a Golden Axe.  Break the bottom trunk and watch as the animation kicks in, fells the trees and leaves, then drops everything for you to pick up!   This is a feature of the UltimateTimber Plugin.

  • Potion-Tipped Arrows – With these enhancements, you need to be extra careful.  Any Skeleton who has a bow can shoot you with these potion-tipped arrows that include air, water, fire, grapple hook, explosives and more.  Hunters with a level of 20 or higher can qualify for up to 3 types of arrows and be able to craft them. Level 40 you can get up to 6 types of arrows and if you’ve made it to level 75 (good for you), you will have access to ALL 16 potion-tipped arrows!!! Sorry, no switching to different potion-tipped arrows after you’ve earned and chosen them.  This is a feature of the AlchemicalArrows Plugin.

  • Daily Voting system rewards YOU for supporting a server when you vote each day. This is no ordinary voting system, you WILL be rewarded handsomely for voting for our servers each day.  How? Every time you cast your vote, you are voting essentially for all our servers and each one that you have access to will reward you experience points, money (random amount) and a diamond.  These are features of the VotingPlugin and Nuvotifier Plugins.

  • Real life heart beat – want to add some realism in the game, enable the sound for your heart pulsing as you take on damage with a click of a mouse.  When you see the broadcast chat “Hear my heart beat?” you can click on it and the next time you take on damage, you will know it! Just give a few moments to install first.  These are features of the PulseHealth and TintHealth Plugins.

  • World Borders - Just like there are borders around countries, there are borders on Minecraft worlds.  No one without the right permissions can go beyond the borders.  You will simply bounce off the invisible bubble around the world. Be careful though, as it can inflict damage.  Borders are very clearly identified and act like a border when you approach them by special effects.  This is a feature of the WorldBorders Plugin.

  • Experienced builder, want to do more? -  builders can earn additional permissions to use more advanced world editing commands to help with large builds they may be planning.  This dramatically speeds up build times and allows more to be done sooner.  Show off your building talent and be a positive influence to other players.

  • Broadcaster – periodically, you will see in the chat window a clickable message to provide in-game help.  Once you see it, click in the chat window to see all your Job Earnings, TmTmc Links, donation site to keeping our servers running and more!  This is a feature of the AutoBroadcasterPlus Plugin.

  • Pet Master – this is a plugin that allows you to transfer ownership of your pet to another player.  It also display right above it, who the owner is.  This way there is no confusion who owns Ms. Piggy.  This is a feature of the PetMaster Plugin and supported by the Parkour Plugin.

  • Automatic Door Closers – everyone who has played Minecraft before knows that when you open a door of any type, you have to close it yourself or place a button near the door and right-click on it to open and close the door automatically.  A lever can be used to keep it open or keep it closed.  Alternatively, placing a pressure plate in front of the door will open and close the door as you step through.  Servers using this plugin will automatically close doors behind you. Just right-click the door, go through it and it will close behind you magically.  This is a feature of the DoorCloser Plugin.

  • Stripping Bark off Trees?  Have you ever wondered if you could take the bark off of trees and use the wood as real wood?  Well now you can as of 1.13.x builds.  Servers can vary the use of which Axe to use, but let's say it is setup with a Golden Axe.  Right-Clicking on a log will strip the bark off of it and leave you with wood which can then be used for your builds.  It provides a different interior or exterior surface different than just using plain logs with bark on them.  This is a feature of NoStrip Plugin.

  • Can I own, rent or lease land to build on? – Well of course – but you’ll need to build a house and a bed to sleep in.  Some server owners offere a residence system where you can control nearly every aspect of your residence (and surrounding land) when you are ready for it.  Residences creates an area of land that you pay for, rent or lease and it becomes protected from all other players.  These are features of the ResidenceReborn Plugin.

  • Switching between dimensions using a Nether Portal and Ender Portal.  A typical Minecraft server comes with a multi-dimension world that players can explore and play in.  The Overworld is the main world that you’ll spawn to (join in) on when you first login.  This is the largest of the three dimensions you can go between.  The Nether is a dimension of lava, nether blocks, nether fortresses, unique and dangerous entities/mobs that want nothing more than to try to kill you.  So why go there?  There are many chests with loot that you can only find in The Nether so it is worth taking risks to find them.  The final dimension is called The End.  Just like the name implies, the main objective of Minecraft was to make it to The End, find the unique treasures and builds, then kill the dragon and the game is over.  Well, that’s one way to play Minecraft, but we have expanded on the ending so that there is NO end to the game. You can play indefinitely as long as you want or able to.  These are base features of the Minecraft Game to allow players to switch between dimension by going through specific types of Portals.


  • Some server owners use a plugin that provides access to addition worlds than the default worlds.  For example, you could spawn into the main world but have an option to teleport to another world that features  Mooshroom Islands with a unique landscape of Mooshroom cows, brown and red mushroom trees, mycelium and red mushrooms.  You may or may not be able to share your inventory between these two worlds and if you so choose, you can invite your friends to join you there or you can join their private Mooshroom Islands.  This is a feature of the WorldSystem Plugin.

It’s very simple to get to and all through a simple menu command in your chat window of: /menu

  • Finally and certainly not the least, we provide many other essential features like keeping your inventory when you die, warp, teleportation, going back to your last position, checking top money earners, economy (money), item inventory, in-game chat and email, setting home points, enchanting items, jumping distances, in-game nicknames, and hundreds of other options to round out your experience in-game!  These are features of the EssentialsX Plugins expanding the Minecraft game play extensively.  The economy is supported by EssentialsX, SaneEconomy and Vault Plugins.

Experienced Builder and looking for more in-game features, just let us know by contacting us through the Contact page.  We are always looking for experience Minecraft Builders or those who just want to help building out the world in multiple areas like transit (roads, rails, paths, etc.), shopping locations, castles mazes, parkours and other structures that expand the use of the game and our servers.  If this is something you are interested, you can ask to be considered for this role.  We’ll review your builds to see what your strengths may be and offer additional tools to help augment/enhance our players world.  There are several Plugins we use to help with simplifying and expediting building walls, structures and even moving builds around from one location to another.

Player Versus Player (PvP) and Entity Versus Player (EvP)

Are you interested in battles, quests, challenges and duels?  We do not have a world dedicated just for this purpose.  In some locations of a world, PvP and EvP may be enabled.


Bounties - Feeling like upholding the law and want to claim a bounty on someone?  Players can place a bounty on a teammate and then the others can try to catch you to claim the bounty. Think of this like hide-n-seek, but you earn rewards for winning the bounties!  This is a feature of the BountyHunters Plugin and available only in the PvP World. 

Disguises – oh yeah, now we’re talking.  This is a great way to defeat your opponent by hiding right in front of them disguised as a cow, creeper, pig or spider.  Be careful which one you pick though in PvP, as you could be the next meal or you can trick your friends and collect their bounty or defeat them before they realize what happened.  These are features of the LibDisguises Plugin.

NO GRIEFING – No matter which server you choose to play on, there is always one basic policy that everyone MUST follow.  Have FUN, be POLITE, no CURSING and absolutely NO GRIEFING of another players builds unless you are in an arena or designated area where all blocks post-challenge are reset back to what it was.  Players placing blocks down to block your attack is FAIR GAME for destroying, but someone’s castle or home is NOT.  Only those blocks that appear to be blocking you are.  You can always ask your opponent when you are not sure.  Anyone violating this policy can and will be banned.

Here some example commands that could be used In-Game and not considered cheating!

  • /at t - no, this is not AT&T.  This is the command to turn on/off the auto torch placing from your inventory

  • /bounties help – displays options for the BountyHunters plugin (PvP Worlds)

  • /colors – Displays the in-game color codes that can be used on signs

  • /commands – this provides access to all available commands

  • /help – takes you to this page on our website

  • /jobs browse - displays the UI for joining a job to earn money, points and experience

  • /jobs stats - displays exactly how you are doing in each of your jobs

  • /users – lists all users who are currently online

  • /menu – opens the Inventory Style Menu System to access the primary commands you'll use

  • /moreoptions – displays additional commands that can be used

  • /myinfo – displays your player details and the world you are on

  • /res ? - displays the commands that can be used for ResidenceReborn (buying land)


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