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Take Me To Minecraft RULES

Welcome to Take Me To Minecraft (TmTmc)!  We are very excited you are considering joining one or more of our worlds.  :-)

These rules were written to make it very clear, visible to all, at any time, the rules of the game.  More specifically, the rules while playing and understanding our rules for using any of the servers we host.

Having the rules on this website ensures there are no surprises after joining the game or anyone saying, I didn't know that.  All players will be directed to this page to read and acknowledge in writing, they have read and understand the rules as written.  We reserve the right to change these rules at anytime and will make note of the changes being introduced at our discretion.  Players violating these rules, CAN and WILL be banned temporarily or permanently.

Griefing: we do not allow Griefing of any kind on our servers.  What does this really mean?  Quite simply put, if you don't own it you CANNOT place, break, farm, kill or do something on someone's residence without their permission first.  In order to own it, you must create a Residence for the area of your build.  In order to create a Residence, you must have Money and a Job to pay for the Residence.  Just like in real life. :-)  Our PvP world has relaxed rules if and only if the other player grants permission.

No Residence, but building: Here is where the gray area comes in.  If you are currently working on a project and haven't purchased/created a residence for it (normal at this stage), put up some Signs stating reserved for yourName  & no Griefing please.  Provide the current location x y z to x y z you are building on and if there are any issues, let us know immediately.


If you are unsure how to get your coordinates, press F3 and it will be shown in the top left corner of your screen like XYZ: 110.485 / 97.31797 / -80.188 and the dash (-) before numbers is important as you can have negative and positive number coordinates which would be very different.  The .##### after the first part is not required to be entered.  You can just type in /tp 110 97 -80 to teleport to that coordinate.

Discord Channel and World Details: details and connection information should not be shared with anyone without asking Sherri or myself first.  These are not public servers and are to remain secured (protected) until access is granted.  If you know of someone who may be interested in joining, Sherri or Steve must approve their access and then added to our Whitelisting file.  Ask them to send me an email to and we will review each request to ensure the person requesting access is a good fit to the rest of the players or not.  We want this to be fun, safe, secure and enjoyable by all players, so we may decide to decline some invitations for various reasons.  Do not make any promises to someone you shared this with to email us. There is no guarantee until we approve it.

In Game Commands: there are some commands that are expected to be used while playing the game.  Other commands that may or may not be available should not be used unless you are either an Administrator or Moderator of our worlds.  Basically, try to use the world as is and try not to cheat or use commands you have learned about giving you an unfair advantage over someone who doesn't know about them.   Which commands can you use?  Some have additional parameters to use with the command to complete them.  If you forget, the system will show you. Some common and approved commands to use: /spawn, /tp, /msg, /res, /res create, /res list, /res subzone, /res flags, /jobs browse, /jobs stats, /jobs top, /money, /rules, /warp, /warps, /warps list, /setwarp, /hdb, /sv, /mail, /motd, /nick, /sell, /buy, /trade, /sethome, /home, /homes, /homes list,  /back, /ret or /return.

For example:
All servers do not allow flying, only Admins and Moderators are able to fly to help with infrastructure building, testing features, supporting you or from the plugins or server software.  If you ever get stuck somewhere, you can always go back to spawn using: /spawn in any world.

Break, place, craft or enchant your blocks as you need them, or purchase from someone who has a Shop in the game.  Do not use commands to give yourself that block.  Often times, we are happy to help you make the block or give you what you need to get started or to survive (like food and some basic tools) for the newbies not familiar with recipes of blocks.  When everyone joins for the first time, you will receive some basic tools and food to help you survive until you can get supplies.

TIP:  Cas you begin and start to break and build blocks, you will see a new Achievement being added.  Every time this occurs, there will be recipe's unlocked to help you go to the next level.  This recipe/screen can be accessed by pressing the letter E on your keyboard.  It opens a screen like a crafting table with the blocks filled in that you need to do on a real crafting table.  Put your mouse over the blocks and you will see what it is if you cannot tell by the picture shown.


The more you use this tool, the easier it helps you learn how things are made and understand building basics of Minecraft.  Use it as a tool and you will have no problems. :-)

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