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And so it begins...

Life as I knew it, was finally over. A couple years ago, my wife decided to get into online games. Looking for the one that would help her with the pain she suffers from in hopes to keep her mind focused on something else, more interesting, exciting and engaging. She found it!! It was a game called Minecraft and a community of other adults shared their creative talents together in perfect harmony...okay, a bit over the top, but you get the picture.

Day after day she would go online and read more about this game and watch videos of people playing it to learn the tricks of the game, shortcuts and make it interesting for herself. Well, it happened and she was hooked on it big time. To the point she would get so excited she couldn't hold back and told me what she learned every day and what she built. Houses turned into villages and villages turned into castles and then the castles turned in the mega castles and so on.

I would go into her office at night and see what projects were in-flight and completed. It is hard to watch over someone's shoulder when everything is moving about with her mouse scrolling up, down, left and right. Almost to the point I was getting dizzy...seriously! It was messing with my head big time. Then I sat down and drove as they say and then it didn't bother me, at all. So I'm looking around and checking things out and then I see a ship, not a battleship or anything that big, but a 1800's style ship with tall masts and sails sitting on the water with planks on the sides, crows nests, sailors deck and even a galley and captains office. I was like what? You did this? You can build stuff this complex? Of course, and this is nothing in comparison to what others have done with more experience. She should me things I couldn't fathom were possible with a bunch of square blocks - she proved that wrong in a heartbeat.

It was at that moment my interest peaked and had to buy the game myself and download it to see what I could do. And that my friends, is when you say...and so it begins!

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