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Minecraft for pain, really?

Who would have thought you could play a game to help with your pain management? It is true, playing a game can help distract your mind from thinking about the pain which in turn makes you feel better. Sounds logical right?

One of the best therapies for managing pain is to refocus your mind on something else. Whether it be reading a book, meditating or even exercising to help correct the painful part of your body, anything you do is better than doing nothing. Each of the activities mentioned are only a few ways to help cope with the day to day pain you may be due to medical reasons, injuries caused by sports, exercise or just life. Training your mind to push it aside can be done quite simply by playing a game which draws you into an alternate reality.

Minecraft was developed for children and quickly grew into a world-wide game enjoyed by more than 30 million of players. Many adults login to the game and quickly start building structures and using their creative juices as they say. When you spend a couple hours engulfed in the mechanics of the game with navigating, staying alive, building a house, trading with villagers, expanding a farm, farming your vegetables and fighting off zombies, skeletons and spiders, you are redirecting your brains focus away from your pain. In essence, you are making yourself feel better physically and emotionally just by playing Minecraft. :-)

This process of playing Minecraft for pain management is not a fluke and not misleading. My wife and I are in chronic pain every single day of our lives and while some of it is controlled medically, it does not address the debilitating feeling you get when the pain becomes overwhelming to the point you want to crawl out of your body to escape. Channeling this feeling into the game will take your mind off some of the worst pains you could have. I do it and my wife Sherri does it too. It works and we both highly recommend you do the same. Whether it be Minecraft, ARK, Civilization or even The Forest, each of which will guarantee to help take your mind off your pain, even if for a little while. Try it, let us know what you think. Does it help you? :-)

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