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A new year is born

As we close out 2016, we are reminded again of all the changes coming our way. It is no longer just another year, but a time of changes both positive and negative. It is our way to reflect on what we've accomplished and what remains to be done.

For me, there is a lot to think about and prepare for the new year to show just what the impact is when a new year is born. Here is a list I've compiled to illustrate just what I mean.

  • Time to replace my wall calendar for 2017

  • Time to add calendar instances in the systems I manage at work for 2017

  • Time to change the copyright date on each of my 17 websites and their pages

  • Time to renew 10 of the 17 domains

  • Time to write 2017 when a pay a bill using a bank check

  • Time to run end of year reports for my businesses and prepare for tax season

  • Time to file 4th quarter 2016 taxes for my businesses with the IRS

  • Time to update Turbo Tax 2016 and begin the process of recording income/expenses

  • Time to get 1099's for Mortgage, Banks, and Royalty Payments from publishers of my book

  • Time to make last payment into our IRA Account for 2016

  • Time to change the batteries for the smoke detectors in the house

  • and finally, Time to be better and do better for the new year to come!

HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Be safe and usher in the new year with positive thoughts and bring out the optimism in your everyday lives while a new year is born. :-)


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