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Death by Minecraft

When I first started out playing Minecraft, it was foreign to me and I had no clue what I was doing or how to do anything. Sound familiar? Many games you first start out on are and can be pretty intimidating, frustrating and engaging. With Minecraft it was all of that but I had no idea there were multiple "modes" you can play in to get used to the game. Many are familiar with Creative and Survival mode where the former you get all the blocks for free and don't get attacked by anything. The latter, you have to earn every block and will be attacked by everything and can die very quickly and lose whatever you have holding onto.

So I decided after too much anxiety and frustration to stop survival mode and switch to creative mode to learn what blocks are provided and how to make them in survival mode. There are commands you can type which illustrate exactly how to do things. Of course, a NOOB (newbie) playing the game doesn't have the luxury of knowing anything, so it takes a lot of internet searches, you tubes and countless nights trying to figure out the logic and purpose of the game.

I'm playing in creative mode and decide to dig straight down to see what is below me and how far down I can go. Seems harmless right? Well, not really. It seems that there IS A BOTTOM to the worlds (level 1) and if you break the bottom (bedrock - appropriately named), you will fall endlessly into what the creators call "THE VOID". Guess what? YOU DIE if you reach the VOID in ANY MODE. It doesn't matter if you are in creative (thinking it is safe), spectator (where you can fly through any solid block like it isn't there) and adventure mode just exploring and checking it out in a limited capacity. You are NOT exempt from death in this game!

So when I first died in creative mode, my wife said what?? How do could you have died? So I told her I dug straight down into the abyss and I died! LOL Not only did I die, I came out of the game saying WTH? So I went back in, went down the same hole I dug (yeah, I know - don't say it), and fell yet again to my death. So not only once, but I had to repeat the exact same thing twice to prove a point. Gheez :-(

Now to the other night when I was exploring a world and flying in spectator mode (yeah, you get to fly) and went down, down, down. I know you are saying to yourself, dude do you have a death wish or what? Well, not really, but I need to be able to tell my players exactly what happens if you do something as dumb as going straight down...YOU WILL DIE. I did however, find that I could fly down to level -65 (negative 65) before I died. So it certainly is more forgiving than level 1 in any other mode.

Moral of this long story is, don't pretend that you cannot die in Minecraft because you are not in survival mode. If you do what I did, you now have the answer - there is Death by Minecraft after all. :-)

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