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Minecraft Supercharged

Take Me To Minecraft is undergoing a new look, process and features. If you had a connection to any of our servers, they have been shut down and removed. This does not mean all your artistic talents and creativity is lost. On the contrary, everything is still very much alive and safe. :-)

When it comes to safety and security, we do our part to ensure our servers are protected as well as our players themselves. Because we care, we've implemented a new dynamic to our environment called "The Hub". The Hub, is where everyone will spawn when they join the game. This is your launching location to get to other worlds. You don't even have to disconnect and reconnect to any other world we have. ALL WORLDS are accessible from The Hub!

All the worlds are now hidden by default from the public and no direct access is available. Instead, a new centralized connection will be used by all players and then that controls which world(s) you have access to.

We are almost done with the conversion process and just wrapping up some feature changes. Once we're done, we'll send all members an email on how to connect and play in the new (but old) worlds.

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