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Minecraft 1.12 "World of Color" Available

Hi everyone, the wait is finally over. Well at least from Mojang, the wait is over as they just released Minecraft 1.12 World of Color today. Take a look at their website and read all about the great new features and the vibrant look! There is a whole bunch of changes in this release and finally adds some additional color to the game.

Once our vendor completes the 1.12 release for Spigot Server, we'll be deploying it into our testing server and go through a few rounds of testing before we upgrade all of our worlds. This usually takes about a week or more depending on when the plugins for Spigot get updated. Right now, we're waiting on a few that are required before we can even login to the game. Once we get all the files we need, testing will begin.

More to come soon...

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