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Minecraft 1.12 coming soon...

Good Day everyone!

So where are we with the latest release of Minecraft? Testing is still underway and we're awaiting a couple more bug fixes before we declare it ready for all to use. These issues "oddly enough" have less to do about Minecraft itself, but with the Resource Packs we use in our worlds.

In 1.12, a new feature was added to enable players to get recipe help with crafting different items from their inventory. This feature works great and it copies items from your inventory and shows you what you can craft them as (completely optional). There is a Recipe Book which appears in the Inventory screen to the right of the Shield slot. Unfortunately, this new book isn't shown in the Resource Packs which make it impossible to use this new feature.

Once we have the fixes in place, we will be upgrading our servers. Hopefully, it will be this week but one of them may never get updated so that world may stay running on 1.11.2 once we hear back. More to come soon...

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