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Take Me To Minecraft 2.0

Welcome everyone to Take Me To Minecraft 2.0! We've completed our testing and upgrading our servers to 1.12, reported the bugs and the developers were phenomenal in turning around fixes and new releases far faster than previous releases. Could it be because there were few changes needed? Perhaps, but I think they were proactively testing and were prepared for it so much so, they were fixing and releasing new versions faster than I could update the website with the new details. That's unprecedented and a very welcome problem to have. I've decided that it just doesn't make sense to list every version for every plugin when there is so much activity going on. Instead, we put together a spreadsheet which shows the plugin details, website and which release it supports which is really what folks want to know. They really don't care about the version, most people only care if it works for 1.12 or 1.11.x?

So why are we calling it Take Me To Minecraft 2.0 when the actual version is 1.12? Good question, one has nothing to do with the other (simple answer). When we released Take Me To Minecraft (TmTmc), it was our first official release and now we've made significant changes and calling it version 2.0 for our servers. Here are some of the features:

1. Increased Security - no longer able to go directly to the physical server to play. We've moved our servers behind an additional firewall to ensure our players are safe and secured. We take your safety and security very serious.

2. We now have 6 worlds to play in including a new one by The Foo Network called Harry Potter's Hogwarts. The young teens spent 2 years replicating the movie set into Minecraft for 1.11.2! They did a fantastic job with loads of special effects and their own Resource Pack. A lot of work is still going on by us to connect a lot of details and extend it future. This world is still on 1.11.2 but don't worry, we've updated our network to allow you to play when using Minecraft 1.12 on the 1.11.2 world. Yes - it's magical! You do need to be using Minecraft 1.12 though, so go ahead and select the "Latest Release 1.12" when you start the game.

3. Anti-Minecraft Hack Proof - we've done some research and found there are many "hacked/cracked" Minecraft clients that give players unfair advantages over others. We DO NOT ALLOW this behavior on ANY server. We now have measures in place to monitor and kick players off the server and permanently ban them if we find anything remotely suspicious! Minecraft is a game to have fun and learn to be creative, it should not be exploited and other players suffer because of one rotten apple! Again, we take your safety and security very serious!

4. One server address to connect to and no more logging out to have to go to one of our other worlds. We've created portals that will now allow you to spawn into "The Hub" and from there, you can walk through a portal to any one of the other worlds and back. Each world maintains their own features, money, experience, etc., so not to worry what you had before is still there.

5. We have updated our website to reflect the ongoing changes and a spot to show case your art for everyone to see. There are additional changes coming to the website including special content and offers for our members. You'll never know what may wait for you when you log in. :-)

Okay, enough for now I'll share more details later. If you want to join our servers or rejoin again, just go to the contact us page and let us know. We have servers for ages 8+ and some for adults only. So we do have something for all ages.

Happy Minecrafting!


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