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TmTmc Server Changes on 2/1/2018

Hi All,

Effective February 1, 2018, there will be two important changes coming to our servers.

  1. We will be shutting down servers on the TmTmc (Take Me To Minecraft) Network. The decision to shut them down was due to user inactivity, maintenance required to keep them always updated with the latest releases and bug fixes, and to free up resources that can be used in other servers. These servers will remain up until the close of January 31, 2018 and then shutdown permanently.

  2. Technic Launcher will be the new way to access our Minecraft Servers beginning February 1, 2018. Why? Since we now have Forge Servers, when we update the server we also need to update your Minecraft Client with the latest changes so you can connect and play and we want to make that process easy for you and automated.

We’ve packaged a ModPack which contains all the files necessary to connect to all of our worlds and play. This process makes upgrading YOUR Minecraft client an automated process and the connections are provided with it. We also recommend to NOT use any resource pack for Pokemon or Space Expedition 104 since they have their own built-in from the servers. Click on the ModPack link to download the file and double click the readme.txt file to see what we’re doing and which mods are being added. There is an install.bat file that could be run manually to update your .minecraft folder if you prefer to do the manual way.

Don’t worry about any other connections you may have, the previous Minecraft folder remains untouched and you can still launch Minecraft directly for those connections. * Only * if you use the Technic Launcher!! If you choose the manual install.bat, your current mods folder and server.dat files will be replaced.

TmTmc Minecraft Servers that will remain:

  • Survival Instincts

  • Skyblock

  • Vanilla – A strictly Vanilla MC World for testing

  • Pokemon Revival – Pokemon for Forge Minecraft (Use Technic Launcher & TmTmc-PokemonRevival ModPack)

  • Space Expedition 104 for Forge Minecraft (Use Technic Launcher & TmTmc-PokemonRevival ModPack)

TmTmc Minecraft Servers that will be shut down:

  • Artistic Endeavors – Creative World

  • Harry Potter Hogwarts

  • The Educator

  • The Future

  • The Hub

  • The Tester – a test world for testing new releases

If you would like to get one last look at builds you did or see the worlds, you should do so before February 1st.

Game URL (1.12.2):

Thank you,

Steve & Sherri

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