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Minecraft Update Aquatic 1.13

This week, the Update Aquatic version 1.13 for Minecraft was released and does it come jam packed with new and exciting features. This is one of the biggest updates done and it involves a completely new ocean with more fish, turtles, underwater mobs, ocean depths you've never seen before and more realistic looking than ever complete with seaweed! Now how cool is that?!

Because of the type of update this comes with (complete regeneration of oceans and ocean floors), it also means that any ocean previously generated won't have these features. This means we have to either try and update the 1.12.2 worlds which isn't recommended or generate new worlds based on 1.13 and start fresh.

Both solutions come with a price. If we upgrade the existing worlds, there will be portions not generated and more bugs introduced to the point that it could get frustrating. The second option to create a new world and start fresh is the better solution, but it also means we have to wait longer for the update because not all plugins are ready for release (because of all the issues above). So we'll have to wait a bit longer, then we'll do some testing and roll it out to you. Be patient, we know you can't wait and neither can we, but it won't be too much longer and we can start the process and post an update when we're ready for you to join.


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