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1.13.1 Almost ready!

It's been a long time coming, but 1.13.1 was released and broke a number of features put into 1.13 and made it so developers had to re-update their plugins again. This happens all the time, but it has been especially frustrating to not only developers but server owners who want to release the latest Mojang version on their servers. Unfortunately, the work is still ongoing in fixing bugs and getting the quality up to where everyone would consider it "production ready".

To put it into perspective, there have been over 400 plugins created or updated just for the 1.13.x release in a matter of weeks since the last post I wrote. Most of the plugins we use (or will use) when we release our own 1.13.x servers have been updated and almost ready. We are down to single digit numbers for bugs waiting to be fixed, so it is getting closer to making this a reality.

Thanks for your continued patience - we promise you though, it will be worth it! :-)

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