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This is where you get the files needed to host your own server.  Some plugins specific to Spigot Servers can also be found on this site.  In order to build your own server, you must possess the knowledge of Java, Github and Gitbash applications as well as your own server details.  The first step is identifying which software you want to use to run minecraft on.  Click on Downloads and then Spigot / BuildTools option.


You need to create a folder called BuildTools on the server that will be running the software and download.  Download the latest BuildTools.jar to the new folder.  Refer to this page for details specific to your computer.  I recommend using the latest version(s) of Git & appropriate Java Versions that go with Minecraft releases.


In addition to the Spigot Server, if you want to further secure your server from the outside world, you can setup a BungeeCord Server that can be used as a proxy where your Minecraft worlds are secured and only accessible through BungeeCord.

Plugins (extensions or Add-ons) offer a variety of ways to make the game even that much more real and exciting.  Some plugins require other plugins (dependencies) in order to make it work.  Most plugins offer security enhancements which allow you to approve or deny access to certain features and commands available in the plugin.  There are many choices, but I would recommend LuckPerms plugin as it is supported in Spigot, Bungeecord and Sponge/Forge Servers.  


Most plugins use YAML formatted files to configure the permissions and settings.  This is a very structured language and "space" formatted and doesn't like "tabs" to indent code.  There are many tutorials on this out there, just search for minecraft yaml file and you'll be on your way.


The best place to start with is getting the Essentials Plugins and be familiar with the commands/features available.  Take a look at this Plugin Compatibility Site which is a perfect place to check out all the supported plugins and mods for all types of servers.

This is the best plugin to allow users to have their own land on a server to take care of.  With an economy system in place, users can buy, sell, rent and lease land and property like in the real world.  Great for teaching players how to survive in a post-apocalyptic world and whats involved with owning property.

In the real world, we have borders, markers and areas some can travel and others cannot.  WorldBorder plugin provides similar options and even fix spots on the world that may have gotten messed up by a player (happens all the time).

Every world sometimes needs a tweak here and there or to reset things to when they were working properly and to expand on the games characteristics.  WorldEdit is a fantastic plugin with its own set of permissions, commands and options to extend your world even more!

Minecraft's graphics are by default, low resolution and grainy.  This is by design and what many players like about it.  Since the game has been growing in popularity over time, so have requests to provide resource packs also known as texture packs to improve the default graphics from 16px up to 512px. Many players use 128px as there are performance issues going higher with some of these packs.  We do have Resource Packs we recommend using in our worlds as shown below.  You are welcome to search the internet for a different one, but be careful as many sites have malware &/or viruses on them).  Follow the installation instructions provided or ask us for help.  

Legal: The resource packs mentioned below are owned by the respective people who built them.  We only provide a means of using them in our worlds and all credit goes to those developers!


Harry Potter in Minecraft by The Foo Network and you can download the full world to your personal computer to play by yourself!  Just follow the instructions on this page to do either. This resource pack is required when playing this game on  your private server.  

RealCW Clouds (optional) - This resource pack changes the clouds from default box-like clouds to smoother puffy clouds.  Not required for in-game, but makes the sky look more realistic.  If you like to see more realistic clouds, you will need to install it on your computer while playing in any world.

RealCW - provides a very realistic view into many default images of the game.  This is great for designing or comparing your builds to a higher quality image for the same. You can install this on your computer and take advantage of seeing the realism in any world.

Modern HD - This resource pack is a great one to build more modern structures and see what its like in vanilla minecraft versus a modern look to it. Stack this on top of the RealCW and RealCWClouds and you get the best of all the packs.  

Plugins / Mods for Minecraft Worlds

As mentioned above, there are thousands of plugins available to use with Minecraft servers of all types, not just for Spigot or Paper Spigot Servers, but many others too.  The problem is, some developers have abandoned their projects and they either don't work well or not at all.  You want to find a plugin where the developer is active, responding to inquiries and bug reports and actually fixing issues.  When you do find one, make it worth their time by donating money to the ones you can benefit from.  Money speaks loudly and everyone is busy with their full-time jobs and doing this as a hobby just like we do for our servers and this website. :-)

Finding a plugin/mod is equally difficult as there is no one page to cover them all.  Use a search engine and type in "Minecraft plugin 1.18" where 1.18 is the release you need it for.  Do not assume a plugin will work with whatever server and version you are using.  Always verify what version is supported, tested and matches the version of your server. Check back frequently to ensure you have the latest release and sign up for automatic notifications for the same.

Want to see a list of plugins, mods, data packs, resource packs for all releases?  We also maintain an update huge list.  Click here to start your search!

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